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Photo Album
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The Joneses Judie & Glen Family 2-23-01
The Joneses  December 1998 Judie & Glen Jones  
March 1996
Jones Family
February 2001
Stemper Family Jones Family Sep 2000 Max & Jim
Top Row:  
Max, Joan, Anne
Bottom Row:  Judie, Glen, Jim
Top Row:  Floyd, Glen, Don
Bottom Row:  Mary, Judie, Dorothy
Max & Jim Stemper 
on their 50th Anniversary
Joanne Michael & Judie Joanne & Michael & Quilt Judie in Mexico
Joanne Armstrong  
May 1996  
 ("The sister who came with shoes on.")
Son & Mother Michael & Judie  
January 1997
Michael proudly receives his Quilt from its creator, Joanne! 
May 2000
Judie & Friends  
May 2000
Greg & Eric Eric_senior_photo_9-00.JPG (22680 bytes) Baxters_First_Picture.JPG (106290 bytes) Baxter_and_hand_sm.jpg (39583 bytes)

Greg Stemper 12/12/55-12/16/98 (left) &
 Eric Stemper

Eric Stemper's Senior Photo   September 2000 Introducing Baxter Jones!

October 2001

Another view of Baxter

October 2001

Judie_Xmas_2001.JPG (32885 bytes) Blowing_out_candles.JPG (36008 bytes) Petey_vs._the_bot.JPG (27021 bytes) Melinda__Baxter.JPG (42454 bytes)
Christmas 2001
Michael blows out birthday candles (Mary Hull watches)
December 2001
Petey vs. The Bot
Christmas 2001
Baxter in a very warm & comfy spot
December 2001
Jeff the Fireman Judie & Joan JuJo Grandpa and Heather
Jeff the Fireman
December 2000
Judie & Joan 
on their cruise  
May 2000
the Clown
Grandpa and Heather


Missy_Petey_Baxter_4-02.jpg (27723 bytes) Jeff_grad_w-Judie_6-02.jpg (22068 bytes) Gary_adopted.jpg (25120 bytes)
Baxter, Petey, & Missy (temporarily behaving)
April 2002
Jeff graduates from college; Judie claims diploma
June 2002
Gary is adopted as an official "Jones"
May 2002
Yin & Yang Missy Michael & Missy Michael at Work
Yin & Yang (R.I.P.)  November 1989 Missy
March 2000
Michael & Missy (with the bandana)
December 1998
Michael at Work

July 2001

Michael & Fluffy Fluffy Petey Petey Cruiser
Michael & Fluffy  
(early 70s)
Fluffy (R.I.P.)
Petey Jones
February 2000
("I can chew through anything in 10 seconds flat.")
Petey Cruiser